Digital approximations for teacher education.

Proxima is a training and assessment platform that helps teacher educators prepare the next generation of teachers.

A new space for practice.

Digital approximations enable trainees to practise and receive feedback in a safe, low-stakes environment.

Bridging the gap between theory and practice

Our digital approximations enable trainees to develop a deep understanding of the link between educational research and effective classroom practice.

Reducing the burden on mentors

Using Proxima, trainees can experiment and make mistakes outside the classroom, enabling them to make the most of precious time with mentors.

Helping providers deliver at scale

Proxima's platform makes it easy to deliver online training sessions to distributed cohorts, without compromising on quality or engagement.

Designed for intensive practice.

Proxima's digital approximations are designed to help teacher educators create powerful and effective intensive practice experiences.


Deep-dive into foundational aspects of teaching.

Each approximation focuses on a foundational aspect of teaching, helping trainees master the essential building blocks of expert teaching.


Provide trainees with immediate and targeted feedback.

Our platform helps teacher educators quickly and accurately assess trainees' progress and provide them with real-time, tailored feedback.


Aligned with evidence on how teachers learn.

Our approximations are underpinned by research and designed to help trainees deconstruct classroom scenarios and develop their professional judgement.

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What people are saying.

    • The trainees were buzzing all afternoon and lots said that these had been among the best days on the programme thus far.

      "Outstanding" Provider
    • Our questioning session was both thought provoking and hands on - I have been able to integrate the strategies into my own practice since, and have found this to be extremely valuable.

    • The impact seen from the session on questioning has been impressive.